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Your Part, Our Materials & Industry Expertise

Put our knowledge of material properties to work for you. We have experience with ferrous, nonferrous, and specialty materials.  We can produce a range of part sizes to meet any need.

Our experience includes working with the following complex materials:

  • Low Carbon (AISI 1008/1010, AISI 1020) and High Carbon Steels (AISI 1050, AISI 1074/1075)
  • Stainless Steel (200, 300, 400 series)
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Aluminum (1100, 3003)
  • Titanium
  • Pre-plated and pre-coated metals
  • Incontel

Simple and Complex, Large and Small, Manual and Progressive: We Do It All

Part Size

Our stamping capabilities can handle parts up to 1/4″ thick and 24″ wide. We also have expertise in small stampings and can hold down to 0.0005″ tolerance in these small parts.

Stamping Automation

Fully automated presses of various sizes, equipped with servo feeds, straighteners and uncoilers enable us to produce a broad range of progressive die and single hit stampings. Our engineers design and build progressive and single hit dies in house to your specifications.

Add Value With Our Secondary Operations

We can take care of all your secondary operations. When your parts arrive, they are ready for installation. Let us help you with:

  • Deburring
  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Countersinking
  • Staking
  • Welding
  • Heat treating
  • Plating
  • Coating
  • Painting (Various application types)
  • Assembly

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