Supply Chain & Inventory Management

TorrMetal LLC: Your Supply Chain Management Solution

Our Supply Chain Management Services Create a One-Stop-Shop

Let us oversee the secondary processes required for your part.  We can save you time and paperwork by providing additional processes and services so your component is ready for your assembly or packaging.  Processes include deburring, heat treating, plating/coating and light assembly

Flexibility and Security through Dual Sourcing

Dual sourcing your parts with TorrMetal protects you by:

  • Providing a domestic source when you need parts quickly
  • Adding capacity to handle your growing volume
  • Ensuring that you have an alternative with consistent quality

Crisis Averted with TorrMetal

We pride ourselves on our ability to adjust and adapt to changing circumstances. When customers encounter logistics problems, we are there to help. In some cases, upon receiving a tool for a rush job we have been able to run and deliver parts the same day.

Just in Time Delivery for Efficient Inventory Management

You want your parts on hand when you need them. But you don’t want a warehouse filled with idle parts. That’s where our inventory flow management services come in:

  • You place your metal component order with us.
  • We produce your parts in bulk.
  • We hold your parts in our warehouse.
  • We ship your parts to support just-in-time delivery.

Find out how you can benefit from bulk-run pricing and lower inventory costs. Request a TorrMetal quote today! We offer just-in-time delivery of your parts.

Right-sized Shipments Improve Efficiency and Ergonomics

Let us package your parts to meet your manufacturing line’s needs. Do you have ergonomic lifting load limits? We will custom package your parts to your quantity and container requirements.

Contact Us Today to learn how the TorrMetal, LLC can stream-line your operations.

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