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Dual Sourcing Metal Stamped Parts with TorrMetal

As the world continues to navigate the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, companies in all industries are facing supply disruptions from their overseas partners due to quarantines, plant closures, reduced labor availability, and many other factors that affect supply. Additionally, quality control has become even more challenging due to all of the issues related to the pandemic. Furthermore, natural disasters and weather, as well as increased tariffs and geopolitical strife, have affected overseas supply sources.

All of these factors mentioned above have placed companies who rely on overseas supply of metal stamped parts at high risk, as their supply demands are not met, or their metal stamped parts do not meet quality standards.

TorrMetal can help mitigate overseas supply issues by providing a high quality, reliable domestic source for your metal stamped parts.

Dual Sourcing Advantages provided by TorrMetal

TorrMetal provides a “one-stop-shop” for customers who are looking for a reliable, high quality domestic partner to provide insurance against overseas supply disruption of your metal stamped parts.

Our design and engineering services team will collaborate with customers to review part design as well as manufacturing processes, to determine the most cost-effective methods for manufacturing the parts. With our engineering and design services, and robust production capabilities, TorrMetal can pick up and produce supply quickly and efficiently when your company is faced with supply challenges related to your overseas suppliers.

Additionally, quality issues related to your metal stamped parts can become a huge expense when you factor in the time to get corrected parts, as well as the additional time related to shipping. TorrMetal can provide a cost-effective solution as a dual sourcing, domestic provider who can deliver the parts you need quickly, and at consistently high quality.

Furthermore, TorrMetal can keep stock of your parts available in our Cleveland, Ohio facility providing a secondary source or backup supply to mitigate overseas supply issues.

Why Choose TorrMetal As Your Dual Sourcing Partner?

TorrMetal is an ideal partner for your dual sourcing needs. Our experienced engineering and manufacturing teams combined with our efficient production capabilities, and our ability to offer a customized inventory management plan provide our customers with a high quality, reliable domestic source for metal stamped parts.

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