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TorrMetal Has All the Equipment You Need

Design improvements sometimes require more complex manufacturing equipment. At TorrMetal, we have the equipment to match your manufacturing challenges. Our equipment includes:

  • Automatic feed presses up to 300 tons
  • Press bed sizes up to 98” x 49”
  • Coil-handling capacities up to 3 tons
  • Strip stock-handling capacities up to 2 ½” wide and 3/32” thick
  • Fiber laser with sheet sizes up to 60” X 120”
  • CNC press brake with a 50” bed
  • Full complement of equipment for secondary operations

Our precision equipment can produce a range of part sizes.

Our stamping capabilities can handle parts up to 1/4″ thick and 24″ wide. We also have expertise in small stampings and can hold down to 0.0005″ tolerance in these small parts.

For a full list of our equipment and machinery, Download Our Complete Equipment Guide

Smart Tooling Support Improves Flexibility

World-class equipment requires world-class support for optimal results. We design and build progressive and secondary dies in-house. Each tool is designed to work in multiple presses, so that when you need your part, we are ready to go.

Ensuring Quality at Every Step

TorrMetal LLC is an ISO Certified company and we have the equipment needed to ensure the quality of your parts. We inspect your parts throughout the production process. Our custom gauge design capabilities allow us to check your parts with fewer measurements.

Our quality system includes:

  • Fully integrated SPC if required
  • In-house tool calibration and tracking
  • Custom gauges
  • Hardness testers (Rockwell B and C scales)
  • Optical comparators

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