Wire EDM for Prototyping and Tooling Component Production

The MD+PRO III Advance delivers precision, quality and speed for all of your prototype, small lot production and tooling demands.

Our MD+PRO III Advance Wire EDM is world-class equipment that cuts high precision parts and tooling components. From alternative energy to appliance to medical applications, our engineers will work with you to satisfy all of your small lot prototyping or concept part needs.

Wire EDM Specifications:



Max. Submerged Workpiece Dimensions

31.9 x 27.6 x 8.5
810 x 700 x 215

Max. Submerged
Workpiece Weight

1102 lbs
500 kg

Machining Range X - Y

15.7 x 11.8
400 x 300

Max. Z-Axis Height


Wire EDM Benefits and Applications:

We cut high precision parts
for prototyping.

  • Prototypes can be quickly produced for testing and further development.
  • Easy transition to longer-run production with tooling component production.
  • Small lot production when tooling is not practical or necessary.
  • Fixture production for in-house or customer needs.

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