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Selecting the right metal stamping manufacturer

When you are searching for a metal stamping manufacturer for your next project, it’s critical that the partner you select not only be competent and have the ability to deliver your parts on time and on budget, but also be the right or “best fit” manufacturer for your long term success.

With nearly 50 years of metal stamping industry experience, TorrMetal (based in Cleveland, Ohio) has worked on thousands of stamping and fabrication projects with hundreds of customers world-wide. We’ve seen firsthand the issues that can arise when companies don’t fully consider all of the variables involved in bringing a new design prototype and full production metal stamped part to the market. We would like to humbly share some of those experiences and insights with you to help you make the best decision possible when selecting a manufacturing partner for your next metal stamping project.

The Cheapest Price Doesn’t Always Mean the Lowest Price

When choosing a metal stamping manufacturer strictly based on the cheapest price, you are sacrificing long term benefits for short term gain. The old adage of “you get what you pay for” is really accurate in these situations. Here at TorrMetal we have taken over dozens of metal stamping projects over the years where a customer limited their interactions with their supplier only to an RFQ, and subsequently had multiple manufacturing or secondary service issues during production, ultimately driving the cost higher for those finished parts. While price is important, being able to engage with a supplier and ask the right questions is equally as important in obtaining the total lowest cost over the life of the project.

Helpful tips to consider when selecting a metal stamping manufacturer:

Following are a few helpful tips to take into consideration when searching for your next metal stamping manufacturer partner:

  • Ask for input: a solid metal stamping manufacturing provider will be able to address a wide variety of issues from overall part concept and design to the manufacturability of your product. With all of our projects here at TorrMetal we ask our customers questions to better understand the metal stamped part and its end uses and perhaps recommend alternative approaches to design and/or manufacturing that lower your total cost over the life of the production.
  • Ability to grow with you: can the provider grow with the project; can they handle increased manufacturing capacity as well as respond to emergency situations such as time sensitive orders that are critical to your business. Our approach at TorrMetal is to be a collaborative partner and become a virtual extension of your business. In fact, that’s part of our mission statement.
  • ISO Certification: when a manufacturing supplier is ISO Certified, it means they care deeply about the processes, the quality of the parts and the solutions they are providing for their customers. The company is focused on meeting customer expectations and delivering consistent performance. (Here at TorrMetal, we are ISO 9001:2015 Certified)
  • Secondary Services: be sure to inquire about a manufacturer’s secondary services and how they relate to your project. Secondary services such as deburring, heat treating, plating/coating and light assembly can save time and paperwork, so your metal stamped parts are ready for assembly and packaging. Our approach at TorrMetal is to be your “one stop shop” from design and prototype, through production, assembly, packaging and shipping.
  • Flexibility: a good metal stamping manufacturing partner should be able to provide flexibility such as creative supply arrangements, responsiveness to demand fluctuations, and the ability to work “with” you to solve problems or changes from prototype to production. At TorrMetal, we maintain a “whatever it takes” attitude when working with our customers, to deliver the most complete parts and provide the best customer experience possible.

About TorrMetal Corporation

Since 1972, TorrMetal has been producing precision stamped and fabricated metal parts for a wide variety of needs; these include metal stamped parts for the medical, aerospace, natural gas, and small appliance markets, among others. The company offers a number of fully automated presses and fabrication machinery, can produce both simple and complex parts in long to medium runs, and offers in-house engineering support and design for progressive dies. With expertise in stainless, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, composites, and tough alloys, TorrMetal can meet many specialty stamping needs.

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