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Keep Inventory Low, Improve Cash Flow with TorrMetal’s Inventory Management Solutions

Having the right stock at the right levels when you need it, at the best price defines TorrMetal’s inventory management solutions. TorrMetal can customize an inventory management plan for your business and product that is tailored to your specific business needs. We will work with you to define the production volume and timing of your parts for the best bulk-run pricing, store those parts in our Cleveland, Ohio facility, and release stock with an adjustable schedule for “just-in-time” delivery. This allows your company to keep a lower inventory, yet have parts available when you need them.

Save Time and Simplify Your Process with TorrMetal’s Supply Chain Solutions

In addition to our inventory management solutions, TorrMetal can further help your cash flow with our supply chain services. We provide additional processes and services such as deburring, heat treating, plating and coating. We strive to offer as complete a product as possible so that when you receive your parts, there are a minimum amount of operations left before shipping the parts to their final destination. Additionally, TorrMetal can oversee the management of subcontractors and purchase orders along the supply chain, saving your company time and resources. At TorrMetal, our goal is to create a “one-stop-shop” for our customers.

Flexibility and Security from TorrMetal, Your Dual Sourcing Experts

TorrMetal can provide your company a secondary, domestic source for your parts production. Relying on a single overseas supplier can carry a certain amount of risk. Natural disasters, weather, or as we have seen recently a global pandemic, can affect a supply source through no fault of the supplier – but which still affects your company who is depending on the parts. TorrMetal can mitigate this risk by providing a domestic source for your parts in the case of emergencies, and you can be assured the quality of our deliverables will be consistent and at a high level.

Why Choose TorrMetal for Your Inventory Management and Supply Chain Solutions?

When considering partners for your inventory management and supply chain needs, TorrMetal can offer distinct advantages over standard distribution or logistic houses:

  • We directly manufacture the parts which allows us to control inventory
  • As an intimate part of the production process, we can quickly react to issues or changing needs
  • We can oversee finishing processes
  • We are in a better position to anticipate and predict changes than a standard distributor or logistics company

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