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Design and Engineering Services To Reduce Costs Of Metal Stamped Parts

For many years, TorrMetal Corporation’s Part Design & Engineering have been valuable services that we offer to our customers. Our engineering services dramatically help in the manufacturing process to produce superior custom metal stamped parts at price points which can positively impact your bottom line.

High Quality, Cost Effective Metal Stamped Parts

When working with a customers’ part design, our engineering team will collaborate closely with our customer. We approach the project from a manufacturing perspective and consider how we can produce the part in the most efficient way possible. Initially, we will assess the required functionality of the part, the necessary material type and gauge, stress relief and heat treating, and specific coatings for protective and cosmetic needs. We then will modify the part design around our equipment and capabilities, as well as quantity of parts required that will enable us to provide a better overall manufactured part at the most cost-effective price.

We work with a customers’ current part design to make necessary design changes for the best manufacturing process with recommendations on materials as well as secondary operations. With Autodesk Inventor™, our state-of-the-art CAD system, we can streamline our part design and engineering services by sharing CAD files to make visualization, collaboration, and approval easy and efficient.

For thoughtfully designed superior quality custom metal stamped parts at the most cost-effective pricing, look no further than TorrMetal Corporation. Call us today at 216.671.1616

About TorrMetal Corporation

Since 1972, TorrMetal has been producing precision stamped and fabricated metal parts for a wide variety of needs; these include metal stamped parts for the medical, aerospace, natural gas, and small appliance markets, among others. The company offers a number of fully automated presses and fabrication machinery, can produce both simple and complex parts in long to medium runs, and offers in-house engineering support and design for progressive dies. With expertise in stainless, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, composites, and tough alloys, TorrMetal can meet many specialty stamping needs.

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